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Consolidate Credit Cards

Have you heard about companies that help their clients consolidate credit cards? If you’ve heard stories of everyday people, just like you, getting out of debt by having all of their credit card debt turned into one manageable monthly bill, you may have wanted to learn more, but were unsure of how to go about the process of gathering information. Debt Consolidation Connection helps people get out of credit card debt- and stay out of debt- people just like you.

If you’re like most other people drowning in credit card debt, you may be wondering how things got so out of hand. Your credit card balance most likely started out like a lot of other people’s balance began, with a small vacation, a repair on your vehicle or a couple of bills that needed to be paid right away. The question remains: How did that small balance turn into what it is today? There are several avenues your debt may have taken:

Opening Up New Credit Lines to Pay For Old Ones

You may have received offers from your financial institution telling you about a 0% window that would allow you to transfer all of your debt onto their card and pay it off with no interest for a specific amount of time. This is a great way to pay down debt- the problem is, most clients don’t take full advantage of this golden opportunity to actually pay off the debt. Instead, they make further purchases on the premise that they have a ‘same as cash’ ticket to buy with no adverse effects. These quick fix credit cards almost always come with a high rate of interest after the grace period has ended, leaving you worse off than when you started.

Just Pay The Minimum

It can be extremely attractive to think that just paying the minimum on your balance is all it requires to continue living the life you have grown accustomed to. Even 2 or 3 months of just paying the minimum can cause your credit card debt to spiral out of control, accruing interest that proves to be impossible to pay down. ‘Pay the Minimum’ is a love/hate relationship you’ll never come out on top of- trust the experts, you’ll lose every time.

Bankruptcy Is An Option

Far too many people live under the misconception that they can spend with their credit cards and ‘max them out’ with no consequences. They may have heard of a friend or family member that did the same thing- spent to the limit and then went bankrupt, eliminating their debt completely. Living that pipe dream is a fantasy that will come with serious consequences, sooner or later.

Consolidate your credit cards through DCC and they’ll help you roll all of your credit card debt into one manageable monthly payment that fits your budget and will allow you to gain control over your finances again. Don’t ignore your debt- pay it off in the most responsible manner, with DCC.

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